Respite care: An essential part of a caregiver's toolkit

Respite care is not a luxury, but a key tool in supporting a caregiver's wellbeing.

Mental Health America has an excellent resource, Building Your Coping Toolkit. What would be in your caregiver coping toolkit? 

Everyone needs a break from work, whether that's a 9-5 traditional job or the 24-7 work of caregiving. One of the most difficult things for caregivers to do is simply taking that first step in seeking help. 

Respite care comes in many forms: short breaks, longer periods of respite, and recurring respite arrangements. Check out the Respite Care Share blog for more information about how respite care works.

Need more help? Check out the Respite Care Share resources page and the Caregiver Product Recommendations page on my blog, The Memories Project.


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